Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Show Birds

The past few months have seen a number of new birds coming through to the show for training. Some of these include Guira Cuckoos, Crowned Crane, Spotted Eagle-owl, Scarlet Ibis, Barn Owl and Blue & Gold Macaws. Their training is going very well and you will be able to see them making their show debuts over the next two months. We are slowly introducing them to audiences so if you are lucky to make get to see them in training on stage after the shows and get to be some of the first people to see these new stars on stage and be part of the audience.

Whilst most of the birds we work with in the show are hand-reared, it is one thing for them to work with the trainers every day back stage and on stage. When we bring an audience in or even more than 5 people, the birds can take a while to settle down. By the time our birds are in shows, many of them have been in training for up to 6 months backstage before we take them onto stage to continue with the training. It is only when they are performing their routines well that we begin to introduce them to the public in smaller shows. After they have settled into their routines with small crowds, we then start to bring them out with bigger groups until they are working well in any situation. The time this take varies with each bird but can take another 6 months with some of the more nervous birds.

All this means that by the time many of you see our show, up to a year of intensive training has gone into each bird. It also means that it is not a quick process to get new birds on stage and into a show and also makes every bird you see special. So the next time you come and see the show, remember how much work has gone into the training of each bird and how hard they work for you.
"Scratch" our Common Barn Owl in backstage training for the show

"Bug" our beautiful Spotted Eagle-owl in training for the show.

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