Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Generous Donations

 July has been a bumper month for us not only with the school holidays, but also because we have had some amazing donations from corporates. Metro Plastics has been fantastic to us and have very generously donated sheets of coloured Perspex and offcuts for us to use in our education department. There are designs being drawn up to make the best use of this and the results will be seen around the park over the next few months. They also generously donated the clear Perspex we needed to replace the cracked windows in our LBJ (Little Brown Job) Aviary. If this wasn’t enough, they donated 2 further pieces of Perspex for the diet preparation tables for the show. The value combined of all this Perspex is around R15 000 which is money we don’t have lying around and grateful thanks to the staff of Metro Plastics for their generosity.


 We also received an amazing donation of books from Struik Nature - part of the Random Struik group. They are the publishers of more than 180 nature books and include some of the best known in the country like the Sasol Bird Book. They very generously donated more than 25 books to add to our library. These books will be used by our staff to better their own knowledge of birds, plants, reptiles and animals and also by our education department to formulate part of the new education plan scheduled for implementation in 2014. Aside from the value (R5 000) of the books, they are important to allow us to have the most recent information available to improve our own knowledge and standards. Follow them on Facebook or check out their website for the selection of books they publish.

If you or your company would like to make a donation to the park please contact Grant at with details.